Papercut Hive

PaperCut Hive


With serverless printing, PaperCut Hive restores the simplicity of printing. Using their smartphone or the MFP/touchscreen, users may safely release their print job after printing from any device into a single print queue.

  • Print from any device to any printer in seconds
  • Convenient print release options
  • Simple and quick onboarding for users and guests


The security features of PaperCut Hive enable to safeguard your data before, during, and after printing by keeping your papers private and on-site.

  • Access control
  • Secure release
  • Watermarking


PaperCut Hive has eco-friendly policies that are ideal for companies looking to lessen their environmental effect. With their help, you can cut down on paper waste, save money on toner and ink, recoup costs, and establish sustainable practices as the norm.

  • Responsible reminders
  • Zero uncollected print jobs
  • Forest-positive printing


PaperCut Hive created a cloud-based MFP/MFD embedded software for the majority of brands, with more constantly being added.

  • Printing on every brand
  • Touchscreen embedded software
  • Copy,scan and fax tracking
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