MPS Monitor

MPS Monitor

Managed print services offer both the customer and the supplier better and more cost-effective administration, along with a number of other benefits:

  • Efficiency: simplified management procedures and delivery of consumables
  • Visibility: immediate reports on the contracts and the fleet, with precise data and historical analysis updated in real time
  • Flexibility: the ability to follow the dynamics of the device fleet (IMAC) on a daily basis
  • Loyalty: increased stability in the relationship between supplier and customer
  • Operations: effective administration of the contract in all of its operational and financial aspects

The MPS Monitor system, a pioneer in remote monitoring of printers and multifunction peripheral systems, was created and put into use to control data flows on consumption and production volumes as well as automate logistical processes for the delivery of toner and other consumables.

Its main features are:

  • Immediate and automatic availability of the data for billing pages
  • Totally automated management of the consumable supply chain
  • Continuous and timely tracking of the status of alert management and supply deliveries
  • No need to contact the user or respond on site to retrieve this data
  • Predictability of volumes and consumption, and continuous comparison between forecasts and actual consumption
  • Constant monitoring of consumable usage and duration, and average toner coverage
  • Integration with the main database products, for a complete automation of the invoicing process

The solution is offered as a web service that runs on the cloud and may be contracted on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual basis.

Without making any investments in hardware or software licenses, a pay-per-use model is employed.

By requesting a demo, you can experience the software and benefits for yourself.

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