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MPS Monitoring

Automated metre reading
Supplies level assessment and alert management
Automated consumables management
Management of cost-per-page contracts
Elaboration of balances, billbooks, contract reports
Data integration into management software, ERP and CRM
History of all events and data related to devices
Advanced reporting on all data collected from devices

Product Description

MPS Monitor is the solution that turns the Internet of Printers into reality. By monitoring and managing printers remotely, Managed Print Services becomes efficient and profitable, thanks to a Data Collection Agent that captures data from printers from any brand and model a Cloud platform to collect, process, archive and make data available for business processes. API (Application Program Interfaces) to integrate printer data into the User applications


  • Multi-brand monitoring and management of all printer models compliant with the MIB standards
  • Top-level security to protect privacy and confidentiality of business information (customers, contracts, costs, volumes and number of supplies)
  • Integration with external systems, for a complete automation of invoicing processes
  • Non-stop tracking of alerts status and consumable deliveries
  • Optimized consumables supply processes, as they are completely automated
  • Forecast of volume and consumption, and constant comparison between forecast and effective data
  • No need to contact the user, nor to schedule on-site activities to collect data related to printers

Technical overview

  • Cloud architecture: MPS Monitor is a SaaS solution fully operated as a Cloud service.
  • Data collection: through the eXplorer network Data Collection Agent (DCA), installed on a PC or server in the Customer’s network, or through the Embedded eXplorer agents, that allow to monitor printers thanks to an APP installed directly on devices (available for Samsung XOA/E, Kyocera HyPAS, HP FutureSmart, RaspberryPI and Apple).
  • Device discovery: recognizes and archives devices having an IP address and able to provide information via SNMP standard protocol.
  • Interaction with other systems: possibility to interface with the User systems via standard interface (CSV/XML file, email, API REST, etc.). All interfaces are documented and can be freely used by the User.
  • Independency: monitors network devices from any brand and model, with standard SNMP protocol, as described in the RFC 1759 (Printer MIB) and RFC 3805 (Printer MIB v2) specifications. Data coming from some USB-connected printers is managed by the eXplorer Local Agent module or by the Local Agent provided by the device producer.
  • Scalability: scalable Cloud architecture, without any limit in the number of devices to be managed.
  • Multilanguage: available in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish.
  • profilability: customizable users management, with different access levels and protection via username and password, and the possibility to create custom user profile with specific functionalities.


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